Buffalo, NY



Commercial Painting in Buffalo, NY

Trust Big Shawn's Custom Painting for your business and commercial painting services. We offer high-quality professional painting services in the Buffalo, NY area. When it comes to hiring an experience commercial painter, choose us to get the job done right. We provide commercial interior painting, commercial exterior painting, commercial wall covering, and treat each commercial painting project as our own.

Commercial Interior Painting

Our main goal at Big Shawn's Custom painting is providing you not only the skills but understanding your goals as a business owner. Color and cosmetics are one thing and creating a good environment in your workplace is another. We strive to keep the mood professional and relaxing. We work with our clients to get the interior look you desire and need for your business.

Commercial Exterior Painting

Whether you live in the city or around the suburbs, we cover downtown office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, coffee shops and more! We have the ability to work around all types of exterior environments. We want to provide you with the best exterior paint job for your business that will last throughout the seasons. Contact us today to learn more about how we can get started on your commercial exterior painting project.